Shockwave Torch Review : Does it Really Worth?

Hey guys, We all live in the safest country possible with respect to our armed forces. But when it comes to public security from local criminals, it becomes very difficult for the police to manage alone. There are times when the victim is not able to inform the police on the right time.

Many a times, the women in our country, especially in metro cities complain about molesters and harassment cases against certain people. They feel unsafe in their own city.

This is why we bring to your notice a special safety device available in the market. This device will surely make you feel safer in your neighbourhood.

Have you ever tried to stop a bad guy approaching you using a torch? Well now we have a device which helps you protect yourself by using only a beam of light.

Now you can carry this safety device in your hand bag and use it for your protection. So let’s read out the complete shockwave torch review that will help you know more about this device.

Shockwave Torch Review: Does it Really Worth?

shockwave torch review

What is Shockwave Torch?

The shockwave torch is a brilliant device for personal safety. It is durable and highly efficient weapon for personal safety. It is light in weight so that you can carry it around in your bag. It is of brilliant quality and does not break.

This torch which is also a self-defense device appears like a normal torch in public. This device also has a stunning weapon that can paralyze the attacker for some time. So the person has to use them really carefully.

What are the Features of Shockwave Torch?

This device comes with a lot of amazing features made solely for your protection. Some of these features are as follows: 

#1. The light of the torch is 100 times more powerful than the normal torches available in the market. This light is so bright that the predator might actually get blinded by the brightness of this torch which is great.

#2. The torch body is strong enough and has a nice build. Thus it can be used as a blunt weapon to hit the predator and run away from him/her.

#3. The torch as a military-grade aluminum body. Therefore, this torch is unbreakable and will suffer the least damages even if it falls down and yet it will work as a new torch.

#4. The torch has a built-in stun gun inside the torch. The integrated stun gun gives a shock to the predator from a distance only by giving out high-intensity waves of electricity. Thus the name shockwave complies with the torch.

#5. The device is covered with plastic so that the user does not receive shocks while using the stun gun.

#6. The interior of the torch is compact and well distributed so that one of the wires of one component does not mingle with the wires of another component.

#7. This design distributes shock waves to all the parts of the device.

#8. The dimensions of the torch are 6.55 inches by 1.5 inches.

#9. The torch is lightweight and weighs just 4 ounces in all.

#10. The L. E. D. Bulb can be used for more than 100,000 hours without charging. 

#11. The voltage interruptions do not affect the brightness of the torch because it is a wireless device.

How Does Shockwave Torch Work?

The shockwave torch is an easy to use device. It works in a very simple manner. The step – by – step guide to use this shockwave torch device is as follows:

#1. Switch on the torch.

#2. Unlock the stun gun by reading the manual.

#3. Once you know how to lock and unlock the stun gun you can take it out with you wherever you go.

#4. In case of any danger, take out the torch and keep it unlocked.

#5. Make it ready for attack on the predator in case of any danger.

Thus, this torch is truly a great lifesaver. This can protect you from any kind of danger out there.

What are the Benefits of Using Shockwave Torch?

The shockwave torch has been used by many defence forces during difficult times like investigation and fighting in wars. Now this product has been made available for public use. Some advantages of this product are:

#1. The torch has a very bright light which comes out from an L. E. D.

#2. The torch light can help in blinding out any predator at night or in a low brightness area.

#3. The sudden light can shock the predator.

#4. Direct contact of the blinding light with the eyes of the predator can damage his or her eyes.

#5. The torch has a sharp bezel. This bezel can help you to hit the predator.

#6. The bezel is sharp enough to make a cut on the predator’s body.

#7. The body of the torch has a strong built. It can help us hit the predator bluntly or on his or her head to make him or her unconscious for some time.

#8. The size of the predator is not a problem here.

#9. The predator can be stunned using the stun gun of the torch.

#10. The stun gun provides shock wave from a distance to the predator.

#11. The torch is a very safe device as it does not affect the victim but surely teaches a lesson to the predator.

#12. The predator would fall to the ground by using just one shock wave.

#13. The device has a nice locking – unlocking facility. You can always unlock it before using it.

#14. Only you can know how to unlock your own torch. The predator, if catches the torch will not be able o use the stun gun feature of the torch.

#15. It is very easy to use by the general public.

#16. This device is not very costly and is actually very cheap and affordable. Thus, this device gives the users an affordable safety.

#17. The device is wireless and portable. This means that it can be carried around the user for his or her own safety.

#18. The device is sturdy meaning it has a strong built.

#19. It is a highly efficient and durable device. It does not get damaged easily and is resistant to any problem.

All in all, this is the safest device for the users and the general innocent public. It protects us from falling prey to the thieves and sexual predators. It teaches a great lesson to these bad guys.

What are the Disadvantages of Using a Shockwave Torch?

Nothing is perfect in this world. Every man – made thing has slight disadvantages with it. Let us know more about these:

#1. In many countries, this device is illegal to be used by the general public. This is because the criminals might also use it if these are available in the market and thus may cause more harm than it causes good.

#2. If pointed to the eye it might cause blindness or complete damage to the eye. Thus it should not be used to point on the wrong person. But the victim might not know whether they are pointing at the predator or an innocent person and may mistakenly damage the eyes of an innocent person.

#3. This blinding light might damage the animal’s eyes and might disturb them in their natural environment.

Where to Buy Shockwave Torch?

You can buy this device from the following link. Make sure to check out the videos on the website.


Many a time the customers have some basic questions which might not get answered by the retailer. Those frequently asked questions and their respective answers are giver here:

#1. Is this a good device? 

This is a solid and efficient device with a long battery life. This device helps the users to protect themselves easily and affordably.

#2. Is it affordable? 

Yes the device fits right into a common man’s budget and is easy on the pockets.

#3. Are there any laws regarding this device? 

Yes there are some state and country laws to be followed such as not pointing it directly to the animals.

#4. Does the device affect the user? 

In most of the cases the device is safe to use by the users.

#5. What happens if it is pointed directly on the animals? 

The animals may lose control and might try to harm the user due to frustration. In other cases, the animal might even lose complete eyesight.


The user will have to be a little careful while using the device. Some precautionary methods are as follows:

#1. Remember not to point it on animals and children.

#2. Keep it away from animals, children and the elderly people.

#3. Charge the battery before going out.

#4. Don’t hit the other person too hard. Make sure you only shock him or her and make him unconscious.

#5. Call the police immediately after such a scenario and let them carry out the entire procedure according to the protocol.

Is Shockwave Torch a Scam?

Well there must be so many people who must have questions like this in their mind. So to answer all those people, I would must say that It’s definitely not a scam and can be a most valuable device for your safety.

And above we had already written a detailed shockwave torch review that will surely help you know more about this product. You should surely buy this device If the security is something which you always concerned about.

I hope we had put enough information to help you out. Do let us know in the comments If you’re going through any doubt or query. We will try solving them as soon as possible.

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