Smart Solar Box Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read

The cost of electricity has been driving us all insane for as long as we can remember. The voltage fluctuations, and also the intense power outages during a heavy rainstorm have left us all searching for a viable alternative to fix the problem once and for all. 

Here we are introducing the smart solar box review, which could provide excellent guidance to taking care of your electricity using solar power harnessing in a DIY module, that could power you up for days depending on the size of the item you are building.

This is not a product available for sale but a guide on how to make one in our own way cheaper than getting a solar power cell and cleaner. It is compact, durable, and an excellent way for you to save money and not worry again about it.

Smart Solar Box Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read

smart solar box review

What is a Smart Solar Box?

The Smart Solar Box is basically a digital guide available for users in order to build your own personal smart box to store solar energy so that in case of a power failure it could work and restore power to your appliances for a long time and also would help to cut short your power consumption.

The device itself originated as an idea for Ryan Tanner with his father being the mastermind putting together all the techniques his father built into a single digital guide for an easy and user-friendly approach so others could also be aided by the technology.

The Smart Solar Box is said to save your electricity consumption by almost 68% according to the module you build. The size of the box you build will have a direct relation to the amount of energy you get to store. Mainly, the box contains rechargeable batteries that can be hooked to your own homemade solar power cells. After the making and installation, the cost of making is said to be cheaper than your monthly electricity bill.

How Smart Solar Box Works?

Smart Solar Box can be purchased online as a detailed electronic guide explaining every single step in detail with necessary extra information too.

You basically receive a set of instructions that you can use to build an array of Smart Solar Boxes and use them for cutting down electricity consumption. With a single charging, you can use up the converted electricity to almost 20-21 hours. 

Tanner gives instructions on making your own unit under just 200 dollars with just the most common materials available in your local hardware store and this can run power through all your appliances during any such time as a power shortage or even as a replacement.

In case you feel like more power is needed, more batteries can always be incorporated into your unit as per the instructions and voila! You have your own solar-powered panels.

Smart Solar Box Features and Benefits

There are many benefits to owning such equipment and also to purchasing this very affordable product. Here is a list of reasons why:

  • Green Energy

Since the solar power unit is made out of basic materials and since it gives out electricity basically for free and reduces the power consumption by an estimated 70% the entire venture has a green energy-based approach. This is also very safe and legal hence you have been ensured good results only.

  • Portability

As the Smart Solar Box is made up of materials you can assemble and disassemble easily enough you can easily move it from one place to another according to your convenience. The solar panels we buy or install stay fixed at one place whereas mobility is an added feature to this one along with its cheap cost.

  • Sustainable Energy

It means to utilise the current resources in a way so that future generations won’t be deprived of it. Since it helps us reduce the electricity consumption it aims at sustainable energy usage. So far the things used to make the unit are all reusable. This follows the three Rs rule of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle by reducing consumption, reusing old materials and recycling the worn out parts.

  • Energy Storage

It stores up the solar radiation for us to make use of it another time. Even in a small unit, energy can be stored for usage accordingly. The charging time can be a bit longer for every unit, but it is a worthwhile product. Even if you were to face with a sudden situation regarding power, this is always handy to have around with the stored charge.

  • Cost Effective

Installing solar panels can cost you a lot of money and it also required high maintenance throughout. And even it gets damaged somehow; it would cost another fortune to reinstall them. This is where the Smart Solar Box comes in handy. It can be installed wherever you want, unlike the traditional solar panels, which needs to be installed at the rooftop and the feat can be quite risky especially during thunderstorms.

  • Tools

The manual suggests tools like pliers, hand drills, screw drivers, and more such things readily available at your local hardware store. You don’t have to look for much expensive items to build your own solar panel for this hence the tools required are pretty easy to acquire as per given in the manual.

  • Low Maintenance

Since it is a very tiny unit, and that too handmade, you can do the maintenance by yourself. It requires very little maintenance according to users. The solar panels have to be cleaned once in a while and the box need to be cleared of dust residues every six months or so. It can be assembled easily, hence making the maintenance process easy too.

  • User Friendly

The guide comes with easy to understand simple yet detailed instructions that provide step by step guidance on the assembly of this unit. Also they provide extra course and instruction on how to build your own wind mill for harnessing wind energy too. It also includes images, video lessons and further such things to aid in a flawless construction of your own Smart Solar Box.

  • Safety

For people worried about how safe this is going to be, the answer is simple. It is pretty safe given you are messing around with electricity. Of course, necessary basic precautions should be taken for such a venture, but it is also far safer and better than traditional solar power cells. All such instructions are included in the video package.

The Pros and Cons

Every product has its own merits and demerits to a certain extend. What we need to look at before buying is if the demerits outweigh the merits. If not then it is good to go ahead with your purchase. Given below are the pros and cons as said by users and their reviews on this item.


  • Affordable 
  • Easily available raw materials
  • Clear instructions
  • Lasts longer than usual batteries
  • Portable
  • Eco friendly
  • Everything under $200
  • Legal
  • Easy to set up
  • Money back policy of 60 days


  • For large amount of power you have to build a larger unit
  • Takes very long to charge
  • Bad lighting will not favour charging
  • Only the digital version of the guide is available

Smart Solar Box Availability and Pricing

The complete digital guide is very affordable and you can purchase it all under just 40 dollars. It contains not just instruction videos but also bonus guides and extra stuff for more such eco friendly do it yourself ventures.

And if the product does not satisfy your needs, or if you cannot keep up with the instructions as easily as it is claimed, there is also a 60-days money-back policy where the company will offer you a refund.

The 200 dollar limit does not include the money you use to purchase the guide. You have to spend it as an extra amount, but it is a profitable and worthwhile investment. Your total expenditure can vary according to where you live and the pricing around your area but have a little extra cash just in case more than an exact amount of 200 dollars.

Can Anyone Set this Up?

This can indeed be a big question. There are many people with less education to no educational background, and also some without any technical knowledge. Well, this is exactly why the guide exists. The three manuals and four videos present in the guide break down every stage into a step by step understandable and informative session for anyone to be able to follow.

You shall require no engineering degree or some other advanced education levels to follow through with the simple instructions given. It is said to be the same as playing with legos, and even children can do it. The assembly requires just 3 hours of time tops, and involving kids can also boost up their knowledge levels from a young stage.

Where to Buy Smart Solar Box

Since this is not an Amazon or Flipkart product we can purchase as a solid good and exists only as a digital guide the buyers need to go to another website Clickbank and purchase the video or digital lessons from there. The link is given below.

The product offers us a solution to live our lives eco friendly and green contributing positively to our surroundings and looking out for ourselves. And hence signing up for the course as early as possible can boost your chances of being environmental friendly earlier onwards. The link provided above is of the official website of Smart Power for all, can take you there.

Some Reviews from Users

Here we have included some smart solar box reviews from the internet from users who have purchased this product for a clear picture into the guide:

  • Toney Spinney on 2017-11-03 13:26:43

This product works like a charm. Everything was said so clearly and effectively, and I got my solar box up and running in no time. The product in itself is complete and very comprehensive. Everything about the product is simply awesome and I have no complaints. A solar box is the answer to all of your questions, believe me or not! Very useful for camping trips and helps you save a lot of energy.

  • Kathleen Shipp on 2017-10-07 12:30:43

Amazing DIY project. Clear and simple instructions that even someone who has never built anything with their hands can follow. Built a solar box for the many weekend camping trips and it works like a charm. Others campers always ask about it when they see it. I highly recommend it.

  • Bryan on 2017-09-20 21:45:29

My father got the solar power system for home last year and due to some reason, the solar power box was damaged. He did not wish to invest loads of money into getting a new one. But this guide to build your own Solar box is just amazing and super useful.

Here we can clearly see the many ways in which this DIY guide has been useful to all the people who purchased it. Some used it to go camping, some for their homes, and the uses go on.

Final Words

The Sun is a perfect example of unlimited energy source and its energy has been captured and stored for a long time using traditional high maintenance solar panels. But here, in this case, the energy you are storing up for further use is not only legal but also cost-effective and it also helps you cut down on your monthly electric bill and refrain from paying heaps just through this Smart Solar Box guide you can purchase online.

Even if you are not familiar with wires and connections, fear not as the guide is super simple and friendly. So the next time there is an undulating voltage or a sudden power cut, or a disaster occurs, you can always be prepared with this charged cell in hand and at the ready.

I hope this detailed smart solar box review will help you take the right decision. For further doubts about the product or the purchase, kindly put the queries in the comment section given below and we shall answer those as fast as we can.

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